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Regimental Sergeant Major’s Corner
RSM CWO Charles Howie

I would like to emphasise a few of the topics I discussed before Christmas with all of you in Med Hat, about what I expect in the remaining half of the training year to ensure you are prepared mentally for what we aim to achieve as a Regiment. In order to achieve this I am looking for the following from all members of the Regt:

Commitment – you have a Sqn calendar, read it, understand it, brief your civilian supervisors, and brief your families. During the AAG in September you have committed to the trg you will be able to attend. We have well developed field trg to hone Crmn skills as well as recruiting initiatives that need support in order to grow. Not showing up for training smacks of poor personal discipline and weakness of character.

Accountability – as an adult you are expected to make and stand behind your decisions, in or out of uniform. If you can’t stand behind the decision then it is probably not a very honourable, ethical, and legal decision.

Duty – you belong to a group of people who do not see their own comfort or wellbeing as more important than that of the protection of persons weaker than themselves. A sense of duty drives a person the extra mile in order to carry out and execute the legal and ethical orders that are sometimes hard to achieve. Be worthy of the honour that comes from duty.

Discipline – you already have it. The outward display of discipline is the cohesion and reaction of the group. Soldiers follow leaders who comport themselves and display a calm, confident, composure. Following direction that is Clear, Concise and Accurate is contagious, but so is the opposite. When receiving or issuing direction, ensure that you have done as much preparation as possible and that your orders you give or receive are coordinated, concise, and clear.

Remember to take the time to think before you act. I look forward to another full and eventful training year with all of you.