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Regimental Headquarters Squadron


 Regimental Headquarters Squadron consists of the senior leadership of the Light Horse.  Our Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant-Major are the command team for the leadership, discipline and direction of the unit.  Each holds their position for an average of two years.  They are selected on the basis of merit and may be from either Edmonton or Medicine Hat, AB.  Strategic planning of the one and five years plans are developed by our command team, which is completed in tandem with the squadron commanders.  Our Regimental Second-In-Command understudies the Commanding Officer and is responsible for non-public funds, the annual historical review, is the senior liaison officer to our Cadet regiments, and to replace the Commanding Officer in his absence.

 Staff officers and senior non-commissioned officers provide the coordination framework for all regimental activities.  The best known, and usually most sought out positions, is the operations staff.  Your Operations Officer works alongside the Operations Warrant Officer and Training Sergeant on exercises from planning, warning, deployment, employment and redeployment of all exercises from Division down to Squadron lead activities.  They are also responsible to provide the training and verification for all soldiers who deploy on domestic and international operations.


 Several other formations are found in RHQ that promote the seamless functioning of our regiment.  One particular area is administration.  The unit Adjutant is responsible for the administration, and usually financial, leadership and management of the regiment.  They depend on the service of the chief clerk, financial supervisor and other orderly room clerks to complete your administration such as: air travel arrangements, claims, promotions, performance reviews, and the processing of administrative and disciplinary action.  These people provide the necessary services for your pay and benefits, or simply to provide insight on how to complete regimental or personal administration.

 The last, but not least, critical function of RHQ is logistics.  The Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant plans, supervises and executes the delivery of everything from food, water, bullets and personal equipment for every soldier.  They go above and beyond this function to provide accommodations to sleep, account for all stores and a place to poop in the field.