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The Honorary

The position of “Honorary” within a Regiment, traces its roots back to British army tradition and was in place within Canada as early as 1895.  Originally, only an Honorary Colonel was appointed, but the practice has been expanded with many regiments now choosing to also appoint an Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel.  Prior to the mid 1970s, Honorary rank in the Reserves was confined to former serving officers and has since been granted to include distinguished Canadian citizens drawn from a wide segment of our society. 

The intent of the Honorary is to: “act as an adviser to the Commanding Officer on all matters pertaining to regimental dress and traditions; provide advice on regimental charities and associations; help to maintain close liaison with allied regiments; encourage the Regiment's Cadet Corps; attend formal parades and social functions in which the unit is involved; occasionally attend unit training including field training exercises; take an active part in efforts to improve the Militia, and indeed the Canadian Armed Forces; attend the Honorary Colonels' and Lieutenant-Colonels' conferences, and generally keep abreast of policy developments affecting the Militia.” 

The Honorary Col and LCol  work behind the scenes and provide a much needed connection between the community and the regiment.  The Commanding Officer recommends to the Chief of Defence Staff and Minister of National Defence, a deserving citizen who he feels will strengthen the bonds between the regiment and the community.  

Current SALH Honorary Appointments


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