The Commanding Officer’s Guidance

Lieutenant-Colonel TG Steele







I hope that all members of the South Alberta Light Horse had a fine holiday season and are prepared for more superb training opportunities in 2016.

Twice a year we test our fan out process by executing EX DOMESTIC PRONGHORN. This not only confirms our ability to support Domestic Operations (DOMOPs), but does a staff check for our key field exercises in the coming year. One of our essential tasks is to support DOMOPs, should the need arise. “Supporting and Protecting” the citizens of Alberta is half of our assigned mission, the other half is ensuring we can deploy well trained soldiers where the country needs them, when they need them.

A few months ago, we stood up 3 Troop of A Squadron in Lethbridge. Although this has imposed a greater burden on everyone, we believe that this will create significant opportunities for the Regiment in the future. With a presence in Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge, we continue to demonstrate that we truly are “Alberta’s Regiment.”

This year, I intend to field the winning team for the Worthington Cup competition and I expect the SALH will represent the Division at the competition in Gagetown in the fall. This skill-at-arms competition promises to put to the test crewman skills and physical fitness, and the SALH we will compete against all other division reserve regiments to be selected and then against the rest of country to win it.

Over the next year we will be deploy to our standard four combined exercises. We will deploy twice to the USA with our BCR friends under EX SHERMAN DUKE, will deploy with the regular army in October alongside the Strathcona’s in EX STEEL SABER, and then host a joint exercise in November with our BC brothers, These are the four EX’s I need you to attend. During these you will see a SQN in the field or a Battle Group and all the Armoured assets the corps has in our inventory.

When you are looking to book your holidays from work, book them to support these EX’s. During this fanout we are only looking for commitment to the summer, so you will only see one of these listed, that is EX SHERMAN DUKE. Make sure you are lined up to support it. As last year is a testament, that EX is a great training opportunity.

We may also be sending capabilities to the collective training events organized by our higher headquarters including EX MAPLE RESOLVE, EX GOLDEN COYOTE, and EX BISON WARRIOR. Although we may not choose to send you, please indicate if you are available for the time periods listed in this fanout package. Your chain-of-command will contact you if these opportunities become available.

Within this fanout package, you will find a list of training events for the remaining year.

Commit to attend what you know you are able to at this point. If your ability to attend changes for specific events either attending or not attending, let your chain of command know. For us to maintain the high caliber of training and be prepared to deploy in the event we are required, it is critical for you to provide this information.

Both Squadrons will post a consolidated list of what each member has committed to attending. It will be updated frequently so if you make a change with your chain of command, please verify that it has been updated the following week and remind your supervisor if it has not.

I realize that many of you may be facing uncertain situations in your civilian employment. I strongly encourage you to keep chain of command informed of your situation as there may be short-term opportunities with the unit and we will do whatever we can to support you if your civilian work situation becomes an issue.

We will be continuing to aggressive recruit, maintain retention and develop personnel succession. Be prepared to fill a new role in the near future and ensure that the soldier next to you is ready to do the same.

I wish you continuing success in 2016,




Past Commanding Officers


LCol James Walker
First Commanding Officer
15th Light Horse
LCol A.H. Bell CMQ, DSO
Commanding Officer
31st Battalion, C.E.F.
LCol F.C. Jamieson, ED
Commanding Officer
Special Service Squadron
(19th Alberta Dagoons)
LCol G. de S. Wotherspoon, DSO
Commanding Officer
29th Canadian Armoured Regiment, CASF
(South Alberta Regiment)
LCol P.W. Higgs, CD
LCol C.D. Williams, CD
LCol N.R. Ray, CD
LCol R.W. Ainscough, CD
LCol J.D. Heine, CD
LCol E.M. Moore, CD
LCol C.J. Meagher, CD
LCol B.F. McKinley, CD
LCol B Moore, CD
LCol H.L. Fraser, CD
LCol R.B. McKenzie, MMM, CD
LCol B. Hodgson, CD
LCol N. Douglas, CD
LCol Tom Putt, CD
LCol M.W. Johnson, CD
LCol W.A. Lockhart, CD
LCol C.C. Michaud, CD
LCol T.G. Steele, CD