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OC B Sqn Maj Nik Nystrom


OC Message to B Sqn

B Sqn, 

This year we saw the wrap up of trading training tempo for a focus on recruiting to support our Regimental growth to good effect.  Now we will see our calendar go back to focusing on the field.


Yet this past year we still participated in the gun camp, a regimental and combined arms VBX, Sqn field EXs out in local communities, Steele Sabre, some across the border training, and dusted off our NBCD skills (among many other things).  With that training we continued to support our affiliated CADET Corps, and conducted recruiting and COMREL. I know that many of you helped with various other tasks throughout the year – some on short notice – and some with no notice at all…….. and you always made it happen.  I appreciate your dedication and the sacrifices you have made to support the Sqn in these accomplishments – the leadership is damned proud of you. 


As the new training calendar is being finalized over the summer, please take a well-deserved break (if you are not on course or task), and you will come back in the fall to see an increase in Regimental field exercises and a squadron plan that will prepare us for those EXs.  The Squadron will continue to have single day training events – with some fresh ideas to test your skills. 


We will keep getting stronger, but to do that we all need to communicate (with our employers, family and chain of command) to keep our commitments. So, say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say.  I know I will. 


Semper Alacer,




Prior Officers Commanding B Sqn SALH

Officer - Start of Command

Maj Nystrom N.   -14 Sept 2014

Maj Thirlwell S.   -7 Sept 2013

Maj Hunt C.        -7 Dec 2012

Capt. Thirlwell S.  -1 Sept 2005

Maj. Lockhart W.  -1 Sept 2002

Capt Steele T.G.   -3 July 1999

Maj. Lockhart W.    -10 Sept 1996

Capt. Broomfield D. -1 Sept 1985

Capt Taylor J. B.     -3 Sept 1983

Maj. MacLeod D.I.  -11 Dec 1982

Maj Nielsen D.C.  -2 Feb 1981

Capt Tomlinson   -14 Dec 1978

Lt. Westbury         -10 June 1978