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OC A Sqn - Maj William Roberts

OC Message to A Squadron September 2016

Welcome back from your summer.  Congratulations to those that completed courses and thanks to the soldiers that volunteered to teach on courses.

I plan on continuing several excellent initiatives of my predecessors.  We will continue to grow 3 Troop in Lethbridge, and this effort remains a priority for me.  I intend to visit Lethbridge approximately one Wednesday per month.  We will also continue to engage the Medicine Hat and Lethbridge communities as we grow.

For this training year, we have tried to limit the number of mandatory activities to one weekend a month.  There are a few months where we have two activities, or two Saturdays, but we have generally tried to keep your commitment manageable.  For those that have committed to the mandatory training and are interested in additional opportunities, there is a bulletin board at Patterson Armoury outside of the A Squadron office listing these.  Lethbridge soldiers can contact Capt Lewis to find out about these opportunities.

We’re all busy with our families, day jobs, or school and I realize this.  When things get particularly hectic, it may be difficult to keep up.  However, please ensure that you keep your chain-of-command informed of any changes to your availability.  You have already indicated which exercises you will be attending as part of the fanout  – we will be able to keep additional requests outside of regular training nights to a minimum if you keep your chain of command informed.

It is also essential that you answer e-mails, texts, or phone calls from your chain of command in a timely manner, especially for fan-outs.  The key mission for the Army Reserve is to “answer the call” should the need arise – especially for domestic operations such as floods or fires.

This year will be another interesting training year with lots of opportunities to refine your reconnaissance skills and develop new ones. 

WC Roberts






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