About Us

 We are always Looking for new Recruits, come join us in Alberta's Army Reserve - email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The South Alberta Light Horse is an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment and part of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve. We are part of the Medicine Hat and Edmonton communities that are home to our two Squadrons. Our members are students, have regular jobs, or are small business owners and choose to spend some of their Wednesday evenings and weekends as soldiers in the Canadian Forces. Our Regiment has a long history in Alberta and we are proud to uphold the traditions of those that came before us.

We are looking for people who have:
A Sense of Duty, Honour, Integrity, Loyalty, Discipline, Courage, and Good Physical Fitness

We need people who want a Challenge!

So What Can We Offer You in the South Alberta Light Horse?

We provide a wide variety of Education, Scholastic and Employment opportunities.

Education & Scholarships

The SALH Foundation gives out scholarships starting at $1000 per year to members of the SALH

The Canadian Forces has a program to pay for portions of courses at a number of secondary educational institutes. Ask us if your program is eligible.

You can continue to attend school and be a member of the SALH.

Pay and Travel

We offer you good pay combined with very flexible hours for part-time employment. We also offer many full time employment opportunities during the year and many different employment options for the entire summer.

Want to see the world or maybe just Canada? We have many opportunities if you want them, to serve in distant lands or across the country for short or longer periods.

Personal Development

We will toughen up your mind and body and make you accomplish things you never dreamed you could.

We will also provide you the opportunity to grow and test yourself in many ways. Building confidence and personal fortitude is a reality as part of our Regiment.

We offer the chance to travel the world and operate some very sophisticated computer and weapons systems. We will train you in a variety of technical skills that will serve you very well in civilian life. We will work to develop your leadership and confidence levels to make you ready to take on new challenges in life.

We are not looking for the biggest, strongest, roughest or toughest. We are looking for eager, energetic and highly motivated people with a willingness to learn and to aggressively challenge the unknown.

We want people who can commit to a fully integrated team environment. One where the individual comes second and where the mission always comes first.

As a member of a recce vehicle crew trained as a driver or an observer, an Armoured Soldier has the following primary duties:

  • Drive and maintain the recce vehicle;
  • Load, fire and maintain the recce vehicle’s machine-guns;
  • Maintain and operate the recce vehicle’s radio equipment; and
  • Gather and relay information about the enemy and the terrain.

Jobs Available at in our Squadron include:

a.Armour Officer

b.Armoured Soldier

c.Logistics Officer

d.Mobile Support Equipment Operator

e.Resource Management Support Clerk

f.Supply Technician

 An interview with some soldiers of the light horse....

How to Join

Email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  For Recruiting in Medicine Hat:

Medicine Hat

Cellular 1-403-836-9537

Office     1-403-504-3775 extension 3777 or 1-403-310-ARMY (2769)

 The SALH Recruiting Office is located by the main entrance at:

Patterson Armoury
120 Cuyler Road SE
Medicine Hat, AB



  1. Application Assistance and Info Sessions Available Tuesday Evening at 7:00pm
  2. Recruiting Office Hours: MONDAYFRIDAY 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM - TUESDAYS 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM. SATURDAYS BY APPOINTMENT.



    Office: 1-403-317-2370 or 1-403-310-ARMY (2769)

     The SALH recruiting office is located at:         

    Vimy Ridge Armoury

    337 Stubb Ross Rd

    Lethbridge AB




    Office: 1-780-973-4011 extension 5345

     The SALH Recruiting Office is located at:

     Brigadier James Curry Jefferson Building

    11630 - 109 Street NW

    Edmonton, AB