The end of the war saw the re-emergence of the South Alberta Regiment(infantry) in Medicine Hat and the 15th Light Horse (armoured) in Calgary. The 15th however, was not to keep its name and it was united with the 22 Field Battery RCA, and renamed 68th Light Anti-Aircraft RCA. This is remained until 1954 when it united with the South Alberta Regiment of Medicine Hat and the 41 Anti-Tank Regiment out of Calgary to become the South Alberta Light Horse (29th Armd) out of Calgary. In 1958 the 29th armoured designation was dropped from the name and two years later, in 1960, the Regiment was moved back to its old HQ in Medicine Hat. The Regiment remained a militia armoured unit until 1968 when it lost its tanks and was retasked as an armoured reconnaissance unit.

In 1978 the Regiment established an independent "B" Sqn in Edmonton to train out of Griesbach Barracks. Originally roled as reconnaissance, "B" Sqn transitioned to AVGP and was re-roled armoured in the early 1980s. The rest of the regiment followed suit and by 1985 the entire Regiment was out of reconnaissance and back to being armoured.