NEWS !!! - The SALH has been awarded the Afghanistan Battle Honour and have ordered a new Guidon.  Once the Guidon arrives, the Countess of Wessex will be invited to present the new Guidon, the existing Guidon will be laid up in a appropriate location..... Stay tuned....

The Guidon

Regimental colours / Guidons can be traced in English history as far back as 1585, and in world history colours or standards were carried by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians before our present calendar was started.

The Regimental Guideon ON Parade Video Clip

Other then the Governor Generals Horse Guards, all Canadian cavalry and armour regiments carry a Guidon. On the battle field the Guidon was the central rallying point for the regiment and thus was cherished above all other symbols in battle. Ill be the Regiment who had its Guidon captured by the enemy as this was considered to be the ultimate shame. Units would rally to save the Guildon as it symbolizes the pride, history and fighting spirit of a unit.


The SALH Guidon is made of crimson silk, 27 x 41 in, curving to the fly, which is forked into a swallowtail. The fringe is gold and the cord and tassels of gold and the regiment's facing colour.


 SALH Guidon

The regimental pronghorn antelope appears in the center of a red circlet inscribed with South Alberta Light Horse in gold, surrounded by a wreath of "autumn-tinted" maple leaves, and ensigned with the royal crown.

In the upper hoist and lower fly, is the cherished white horse of Hanover. In the lower hoist is the SALH and proudly in the upper fly is the XXIX to honour the 29th Armoured Regiment (SAR).


It is interesting to note that on the Guidon of the armoured regiments which have no cavalry background, the white "Hanoverian horse" is replace by a white Ram. This tradition dates back to 1715 when regiments which fought actively against the revolutionaries, and in support of King George were authorised to carry the Hanoverian Horse on their colours as symbolic of “true” cavalry regiments.


Regimental distinctions, honours, and devices are arrayed on the flag, with honours appearing on small gold scrolls aligned in vertical rows. The regimental motto “SEMPER ALACER” appears on a scroll tied at the center of the wreath surrounding the badge.


The finial, once again, is the crest of Canada.


Following the cavalry tradition in which complete trust is vested in the non-commissioned officers, the Guidon is carried by a Senior NCO on parade flanked by two additional armed Senior NCO’s.



The Guidons & Colours Of Units in Our Lineage


The South Alberta Regiment

31st Overseas Battalion Guidon

31st Overseas Battalion Kings Colours

31st Overseas Battalion Colours

187th Overseas Battalion Colours Presentation

187th Overseas Battalion Colours

187th Overseas Battalion Kings Colours

175th Overseas Battalion Kings Guidon

175th Overseas Battalion Kings Colours


The Battle Honours On The Guidon


North West Canada 1885


First World War


    Mount Sorrel, Somme 1916 '18


    Flers-Courcelette,Thiepval, Ancre Heights, Arras, Vimy, 1917


   Arleux, Hill 70 , Ypres, 1917


   Paschendaele , Amiens,Dorcourt-Queant , Hindenburg Line , Canel du Nord, Cambrai, 1918


    Pursuit to Mons, France and Flanders, 1915-1918


    Scarpe, 1917-1918




Second World War


    Falaise, Falaise Road, The Laison, St. Lambert sur-Dives,

    Moerbrugge , The Scheldt, Woendrecht, The Lower Maas , Kapelsche Veer,

   The Rhineland, The Hockwald, Veen, Twente Canal, Bad Zwischenahn,

    North-West Europe, 1944-1945

The Complete List Of Battle Honours

A Full list of Battle Honours (35 in total)* indicates the Battle Honour is on the Regimental Guidon

1) Northwest Canada 1885*

2) Mount Sorrel*

3) Somme 1916-1918*

4) Flers-Courcelette

5) Thiepval

6) Ancre Heights

7) Arras 1917-1918*

8) Vimy 1917*

9) Arleux

10) Scarpe 1917-1918

11) Hill 70*

12) Yrpres 1917*

13) Passchendaele*

14) Amiens*

15) Drocout-Queant

16) Hindenburg Line

17) Canal du Nord

18) Cambrai 1918*

19) Pursuit to Mons

20) France and Flanders*

21) Falaise*

22) Falaise Road*

23) The Laison

24) St.Lambert-sur-Dives*

25) Moerbrugge*

26) The Scheldt*

27) Woensdracht

28) The Lower Mass*

29) Kapelsche Veer

30) The Rhineland*

31) The Hochwald*

32) Veen*

33) Twente Canal

34) Bad Zwischenahn

35) North West Europe 1944-1945*