15th Light Horse Officer

Early History

The South Alberta Light Horse (SALH) is one of the oldest and most colourful of the Western Canadian militia units, tracing its earliest beginnings to the period of the Riel Rebellion of 1885. During this conflict the Rocky Mountain Rangers of Ft. MacLeod with 150 officers and men were tasked with the protection of the area ranging from the U.S. Border to High River and from the Rockies to Medicine Hat.

This irregular cavalry unit is seen as the first step on the long road to what is now called the South Alberta Light Horse. Despite these early beginnings, the 15th Light Horse, born in Calgary on July 3, 1905. From this point in time until the mid 1950s the Regiment's history can be described as a series of complicated amalgamations and re-designations of Alberta militia units of all arms until the Regiment as it is now was formed in Calgary in 1954.

Here is an Overview of Alignments presented in PowerPoint format for your viewing pleasure.