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Equipment Used In Light Reconnasance 

wide variety of specialized equipment is used by the RECCE crewman.  These include weapon systems, battlefield communications systems, radars, optical sensors, environmental sensors, and personal survival equipment.

The RECCE crewman must be able to operate in the harshest extremes of environments and survive dismounted for extended periods of time performing a wide variety of tasks.  Thus extensive training in all the primary gear used within the Canadian Army is a pre-requisite before a crewman is ready for operational deployment.  Also, as armoured soldiers, we are called upon to augment the direct fire regiments which also means that additional training as tank crewman working on the Leopard II Main battle Tank can be expected.

The future of reconnaissance is the just announced TAPV programme.  This vehicle will eventually make its way to the SALH and will replace the G-Wagon in the future.  Although the exact version of the TAPV is not yet confirmed, below is one of the options being examined.